Do this Orange County Community Crime survey now, or don’t complain anymore

You’ll find me complaining here all of the time about Orange County and the City Of Orlando responses to many things. But when they ask for input, I always do my best to provide it. Whether they want to hear it or not.

You should do the same.

That is why Orange County Government is asking it’s citizens to complete this Community Crime Survey found HERE.

They describe it as..

An integral part of the Task Force’s work is focused on community engagement. Orange County Citizens Safety Task Force is launching the Community Crime Survey to gain insight from residents on solutions and strategies to prevent and reduce gun violence and violent crime.

While these days a solution to every problem that Orange County seems to have is a task force, unlike many others, the lobbyists can’t steer the committees on this one because many of them live in communities with little or no crime. And they also don’t care.

If you think that’s harsh, you would be right. But it’s also true.

Anyhow, take a few moments and fill it out.

Because while it’s up to our elected officials to find and enact solutions to the community’s problems, when they throw you the ball you need to run with it.

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