Here is how Joe Biden’s first 15 executive orders could affect Orlando

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden will sign 15 executive orders on a whole range of issues dealing with everything from immigration to the pandemic.

Let’s break down how those orders might effect Orlando. We won’t feel the effects of some of these for a few months. You can read them all HERE.

Mask requirement: You’ll have to mask up on all federal lands, buildings, and employees will be required to as well. We’ve already had some conflicts between mask mandates between the state and municipalities here.

Rejoining the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Accords: Mostly national issues, but policy encouraged on those levels will eventually make it home. Especially living on a peninsula during a pandemic.

Changes to energy policy: The Keystone pipeline and other drilling options in protected areas are off limits. We could see some jumps in fuel prices depending on the markets, but that’s not a certainty.

Massive immigration and border wall roll backs: Funds will be redirected from the border wall. And programs like DACA will be preserved, while actions like the travel ban from Muslim countries and deportation surges will come to an end. Obviously, immigration issues are important to Florida residents and there was even some bipartisanship to try and protect “Dreamers” here in the state.

Meanwhile, look for some GOP lawmakers to pick-up the Trump rhetoric of the border wall to get ahead in some future primary elections.

Moratorium on foreclosures: Til at least the end of March with the pandemic still hurting some homeowners. Including here in Orlando, where affordable housing is also hurting renters as well.

Student debt payments to be paused: This moratorium will be extended until September. Student debt was one of the issues I said the Biden presidency should tackle early to help Orlando (story HERE).

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