The Masked Dancer: Paula Abdul correctly guesses The Cricket

Another fast moving episode of the Masked Dancer was on tonight, and while many of you may have been watching the other musical performances on the Presidential Inaugural Special, the show was still pretty enjoyable despite a busy night on TV.

We got Rob Lowe from FOXs 911: Reno as a guest panelist, and our favorite regular panelist, Paula Abdul correctly guessed the unmasked performer tonight.

In the end it was The Cricket who was eliminated and the clues gave Abdul enough information to figure out it was R&B star, Bryan McKnight.

Other guests from the panel included a pair of Olympic swimmers in Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. But it was indeed McKnight. Ken Jeung correctly asked why he’s never been on the Masked Singer.

Makes sense.

Other favorites including the Hammerhead, the Tulip, and the Exotic Bird will move on to the Super Six.

I’ve go to tell you that my favorite at this moment has to be the Tulip. The judges believed it could be a petite actress like Sarah Hyland or Hayden Panetierre. Social media is pretty convinced it’s McKenzie Ziegler.

Ken Jeung was absolutely convinced that Exotic Bird was Janet Jackson. Paula strongly disagreed. She knows Janet Jackson. But Ken insisted.

The Hammerhead is throwing everyone off. The judges don’t seem sure and guesses online ranged everywher from one of the guys on “Jersey Shore” to Eminem and John Cena.

So far this first season of the show has been pretty fast moving. While the music isn’t as prevalent as it’s predecessor, it’s still good TV.

See you next week.

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