Louisiana story should be cautionary tale for all families of veterans to check trust accounts after death

A story out of Louisiana today is shining a light on a matter most family survivors of veterans might not be aware of. Their veteran’s home trust accounts.

In the article (story HERE), it’s reported that a veterans home in Bossier City did not reconcile the trust accounts of eight veterans after they died. The accounts totaled to an amount of about $122K.

A lack of reconciliation increases the chance that this money could be used for unauthorized purposes. And that’s not only wrong, its a tragedy.

Especially during the pandemic, where we’re seeing outbreaks taking the lives of many veterans who are residing in these homes, some which have been called hot zones because of a late reaction from the Department Of Veterans Affairs.

If you live in a home, or know someone who is living in a home, you need to make sure that money is being handled properly.

It’s also unfortunate that any funds that may be returned can’t go to funeral expenses. Right now, we have a lot of veterans that aren’t getting their records in time for a military funerald, leaving families to come out of pocket for the arrangements.

Between making sure that these trust funds are being handled and that their veteran can be buried properly, families already have enough on their plate.

We must remain vigilant on this issue. This time an audit actually found the problem. Who knows how many other veterans homes are having this same issue?

It’s important that we all become VA benefits experts to ensure our loved ones are being taken care of after their service.

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