Revenue from Indiana license plates meant to support veterans should be going to Indiana veterans

Bad news out of Indiana today, with a report that revenues generated from military license plates intended to support veterans in need, may be going somewhere else (story HERE).

The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs has been giving out money collected from these plates to their own employees, instead of putting it into a relief fund, where it can be used for what it was intended for. Helping vets.

Now there is actually legislation that would authorize up to 15% of revenues collected from these plates to go towards “administrative costs”, this total would be up to $270K according to the report.

The only thing worse than discovering that these revenues weren’t being used for what they were intended for, is enacting legislation that would make it legal. That is plain wrong.

Of course the report contains no feedback from the IDVA or the Governor’s office, which is unfortunately normal behavior under these circumstances, where elected officials don’t want to explain themselves but will still likely try to force legislation through anyways.

In my home state of Florida, we have dozens of specialty license plates, that cover everything from protecting marine life to funding research for breast cancer. Our residents purchase those plates with the expectations that those funds are being used for those purposes.

I believe my Hoosier friends to the north would probably feel the same way.

If you’re reading this post, you should demand answers from those Indiana agencies and elected officials to try and reach a solution that will ensure money intended to help veterans actually goes towards helping veterans.

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