West Palm VA wasn’t up front with veterans regarding vaccine financial requirements

Did you know that certain veterans can’t get a COVID 19 vaccine if they don’t meet certain financial requirements?

Neither did I and I follow VA vaccinating efforts every day.

Unfortunately, some of our older veterans had to find this out the hard way this past weekend, according to a story from the Florida Sun Sentinel.

We’re talking about elderly veterans (including a 91 year old) who have a hard enough time getting to VA events, traveling long distances and waiting hours to receive this life saving substance and being turned away because they make more than they should.

In Florida, most veterans aren’t exactly rolling in the money, especially with these housing prices.

Still, that’s enough to get you kicked out of line waiting for a vaccine that will keep you from losing your life in the middle of a hot zone during a global pandemic.

It’s sad. The VA doesn’t give you the tools to be successful when you leave the military, but if you manage modest success, they punish you.

But that’s a policy discussion for another post.

Let’s talk about the fact that the VA isn’t doing a good enough job letting these elderly veterans know they might not be eligible for the vaccine.

We know the VA will always opt for less information being given out to reduce any liabilities on their own. But this time they’re taking it much too far.

Elected leaders should call on the VA to provide more information during these tough times. Not less of it.

And let’s reduce the hardship on our veterans who want nothing more than to receive a benefit they earned.

Sun Sentinel Story: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-vaccine-veterans-turned-away-20210121-6trareedxjfy5pgt7xgodhegri-story.html

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