Xbox Live Gold price hike another set back for low income gamers

In a move that has been widely panned by gamers on social media, XBox has revealed that they will be increasing the price of their Xbox Live Gold subscription service to $60 dollars for six months, the former cost of the service for an entire year.

The decision will be another setback for gamers that come from families that might not be able to afford the new consoles, games, and accessories.

And another money grab by an organization that has plenty of it.

Video games aren’t what they used to be for Generation X gamers for myself. It’s not like you can go to your buddy’s house and spend hours being social and building skills with them. We’re stuck at home. Especially during the pandemic.

Now they’re also stuck at home watching everyone else have fun on YouTube.

This decision comes after the console manufacturers also passed on their older game system markdowns last year, which was customary to ensure that low income gamers don’t fall too far behind.

Cross platform play is another huge tool that keeps the community together.

But with this service increasing it’s rates, not even that method will connect gamers to their peers.

And it is greed. This price hike was unexplained. Why was it done? We don’t know.

Luckily, the online community is doing their part to let XBox know what their money grab is doing to the entire gaming community. And there are suggestions to look elsewhere for that service. As there should be.

But it’s those that have always been on the outside looking in who are getting hurt here.

The industry needs to be more inclusive. And not sacrifice that goal for a few more dollars.

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