Buffalo VA owes accountability to family of deceased war veteran, after they threw his belongings out

Infuriating report out of New York, where the VA in Buffalo and Batavia simply threw out the belongings of a Vietnam war veteran after he died. Instead of returning the items to his family.

The story from WIVB (story HERE) in Rochester, says Sgt. Phillip Yockey died in the care of the VA in November. Where the directive was

“call Mrs. Yockey and tell her the stuff was all thrown out.”

Now the Yockeys are stuck with no answers for a veteran who was well decorated and suffered form the effects of Agent Orange, like so many of his undercared for brothers that served with him in Vietnam.

My question is “what kind of thought process leads to the VA just throwing out a deceased veteran’s things like that?”

Who thought that was okay? And which administrator let that happen?

And that is at the core of what we’re talking about here. And the center of many other issues regarding the Department Of Veterans Affairs today with everything from pandemic care to educational benefits.

Their overall lack of transparency and a lack of accountability by administrators.

Those two things are owed to this hero’s family right now.

We’re not sure what that looks like. It could be legal action, but the VA can stall that for years. And that’s not fair. So many other veterans have been badly treated by this agency and are also stuck in the courts right now.

What we need are some investigations by elected officials and measures put in place to ensure this never happens again.

My heart goes out to this family. And those administrators in New York should be begging for their forgiveness.

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