Unlikely, but Matthew Stafford would be a great fit for “must win now” Chicago Bears

It looks like Matthew Stafford’s time with the Detroit Lions is coming to an end after 12 seasons, as they look to rebuild under new coach Dan Campbell. ESPN is reporting that team is currently exploring trade options (story HERE).

While the Detroit would never trade the most successful quarterback in their franchise’s history to a division rival, Stafford would have been a great fit for the Chicago Bears.

Stafford has been underrated during his entire time with the Lions. It’s never been a Matthew Stafford problem over there, it’s been a coaching and management problem. This quarterback is a Pro Bowler, who has put up big numbers. He got the ball to Calvin Johnson. And his toughness can’t be understated.

He’s exactly what the Bears need.

Chicago has a window to win under this defense. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy also have a window to win for the sake of their jobs. And that window is now.

When healthy, this team is a Cody Parkey doink away from greatness. They’re the 6ft of empty air from a Mitchell Trubisky pass from getting to the next level.

Stafford can take them there.

And goodness, he would finally bring stability to an organization that has never had a franchise quarterback in the modern era. It should have been Jay Cutler. It could have been Nick Foles. But it didn’t work out.

It never does with this team.

Of course, all of this is dreaming. The Lions will want to send Stafford to the AFC. Because they know that if he comes to Chicago, they’ll lose to him twice next year and the team doesn’t want that.

But the fans in Chicago would certainly welcome it.

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