VA must inspect all vaccine freezers after alarm fail at Jamaica Plain

Awful news out of Boston today. About 1,900 COVID 19 vaccines were spoiled after a contracted cleaner knocked the freezer plug out of the wall and the alarm failed to go off.

That bears repeating. The alarm on the freezer, specifically designed for this purpose, did not work, and 1,900 veterans won’t be able to get vaccinated.

While VA officials may claim that the process won’t be disrupted, the vaccine is still not available to many Massachusetts veterans that want to get it. This is a big deal.

This is why the VA must investigate the alarms on all of the freezers currently containing the vaccine in their system.

And we know that these freezers aren’t cheap. How much are the taxpayers fronting for freezers with alarms that don’t alarm you when there is something wrong?

It sounds simplistic, and a little sad, but its true.

And this is just one instance of where the mistake was discovered by the media. The VA is under no obligation to tell us if this has happened before.

This is an organization that continues to prefer less transparency in their operations.

We must continue to empathize with our veterans during this process. At this juncture, you’re a vulnerable veteran over 65 that needs this vaccine to stay alive.

And now you’re not going to get it. And this facility had another prior maintenance incident which is why the cleaners were there to begin with.

The Inspector General was supposed to walk through the area. We should all look forward to his findings.

And let’s demand that the VA do an inspection of all of these freezers to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

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