Here are some questions we have about the WWE Network move to Peacock

Peacock is acquiring the WWE Network rights, in a move that should generate a whole new audience for a streamer that may have been overlooked during the first few months of it’s run. It’s a big win for NBC and also the WWE which will pocket a cool $1 billion from the deal.

But we’ve got plenty of questions of what WWE Network will look like on Peacock.

Here are just a couple.

Does this mean live streaming of WWE RAW?: One of the shortfalls of the network is the lack of immediate availability of Monday Night RAW and Smackdown. Smackdown is on FOX but RAW is on USA. Owned by NBC and also supported by Peacock. Can we watch RAW live on Peacock? Will there be next morning availability?

Will there be lag on Smackdown availability on Peacock?: We’re already seeing that on WWE Network right now. What will this mean for the blue brand?

What will the interface look like? While I enjoy most of NBC programming. There will be a lot of new Peacock subscribers that will be signing on just for the WWE. How will that interface work?

How deep will the library and original programming be?: There was a lot of great stuff to watch on the network. How much of that will be imported into the Peacock servers? Will we be able to punch up a random RAW from 2006? Let’s hope so.

This is actually a win for viewers. And it’s also less expensive. It should be an exciting March for WWE fans.

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