No, LeBron James probably isn’t going to run for Senate in Ohio…yet

If you’re wondering if LeBron James is going to run for Senate in Ohio, now that incumbent Rob Portman is retiring, you’re not alone. That’s why this post exists.

Your answer is probably no…for now.

Right away, let me tell you the hype for a LeBron run for office is real. In addition to being a basketball great, he’s been vocal about the issues and has demonstrated leadership in the NBA and with off of the court involving social justice.

It’s just not his time for right now. Here’s why.

He is still under contract for the Lakers: James is still chasing Michael Jordan for six titles an accomplishment that would make him the undisputed best player ever. While unlikely, he still has to go to work.

He wants to play with his son: In what would be another historic moment, LeBron’s son, known as Bronny, is projected to arrive in the NBA in the next couple of years. James has been vocal about wanting to play with his son to cap off his career.

He’s still young: By political standards, LeBron is still a relatively young man. He could run for Senate in 2028 and only be in his mid 40s. There is time for both here.

He does need more of a political resume: There are some appointments the Biden administration could give James that would quiet the early debate that he doesn’t have enough experience.

He still has to conquer Hollywood: He still has the new Space Jam movie coming out and he’s always in the conversation for more projects in Hollywood.

LeBron isn’t in a hurry to go to DC. While there will be plenty of recruitment calls to get him to do so sooner than later, he still has a lot of other things to do.

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