The Bachelor: Katie keeps winning with viewers, crown theft leaves audience seething

Wow. What a great episode of the The Bachelor.

The show was highlighted by the arrival of some new potential fiancees’ for our guy, Matt James. We had a split between the “OGs” and the new additions, and a crown theft that erupted the Bachelor nation.

Let’s start with the new arrivals highlighted by Britni and Miss Puerto Rico, Catalina.

Well, before the episode was done, Britni would be called an escort by Anna, and Catalina would have her crown stolen by Victoria. Literally.

Let’s have a look at some of the reax. Social media was going nuts the entire time..

But it was Katie who has had the most positive audience sentiment throughout the entirety of the season so far.

She has gotten some high praise for her civility throughout this contest. Even when it doesn’t benefit her with Matt.

And she deserves that praise. Great stuff from her.

Someone who had a quiet week was my favorite, Abigail. Hopefully, she gets more time in the next couple of episodes.

You know we’ll be here. Fun night!

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