Tallahassee partisanship could kill bill that would help disabled vets with tuition

A wonderful bill was filed in the Florida state senate, that would allow 100 percent service connected disabled veterans to receive tuition help for the remainder of what already isn’t covered by their post existing tuition assistance.

If passed, it would be a victory for veterans in Florida.

And you might be looking at the title of this post and question why it wouldn’t pass.

It’s because of the existing culture of the Florida legislature.

SB 782 sponsored by State Senator Janet Cruz (D-Tampa) does not have a house companion bill. And that’s where the partisanship concerns come in.

It needs a Republican sponsor. Otherwise it won’t get heard in the house. And then it would die.

And it’s unclear whether the bill will find one at the moment. And that is problematic.

For an opportunity for a bill like this to fail because the two sides don’t want each other to get any legislative victories would be terrible.

I could be wrong. Maybe, I’m being too hard on our state legislators. I don’t think I am, they’ve let other legislation die unheard for other important issues. But I hope I’m wrong.

This extra tuition would also help veterans on other fronts. It would help with the military to civilian transition process that is so flawed now. And it could help get our brothers and sisters into better paying jobs.

And more educational opportunities without the burden of incurring more debt would also reduce the strain which leads veterans to mental illness.

I’m going to push hard for this bill to pass. It’s really important.

Let’s just hope that the two sides of up in Tallahassee can put their grudges aside for just a moment to ensure our bravest Floridians get help with their education.

You can read more about SB782 at: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/398376-janet-cruz-bill-would-help-disabled-veterans-cover-college-tuition

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