Here is why Florida is running out of National Guard soldiers and what can be done about it

News broke on Wednesday morning that Florida would not have enough members of its National Guard on “it’s worst day”. This as the state continues mobilizations to support pandemic recovery operations or civil unrest security missions. (Story below)

While the story features some recommendations from officials, those sources never confront the main problem.

Which is addressing why we’re understrength to begin with.

The answer is because it’s too hard to join the National Guard in Florida. And their strength levels due to national mandates don’t align with the needs of the state in times like these.

Officials are trying to get newly separated veterans to enlist in the guard. Which is what they don’t want to do. If they did, they would have just stayed on active duty.

Instead, Florida (and the Army) would be wise to increase opportunities for older veterans who may want to join later after their separation.

I’m speaking from personal experience here. There are many former soldiers who’d like to enlist in the guard but they can’t because life happens. The waistline gets a little bigger. The blood pressure gets a little higher. These are disqualifiers that are keeping guard numbers down.

Another is a regular reminder to veterans on what their options are in the guard.

It’s tough to do this when most recruiters are being instructed to go to the high schools for their numbers.

They’re completely leaving older veterans that are still capable of serving from helping out during times like these.

The solutions aren’t that tough. You just need officials that are serious about solving the problem.

And let’s face it. They’re not. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here right now.

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