The Masked Dancer: Judges track the Hammerhead right to the Jersey Shore


It was Super Six time on the Masked Dancer airing here in Orlando. And the action was fast moving as we approached our final five of celebrities. This week we had the elimination of the Hammerhead, which judges tracked quite nicely to be a member of one of MTVs most popular reality TV shows.

In the end it was Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore who was unmasked.

The judges knew it had to be someone from Jersey Shore because of the generous clues that showed an affinity to everything from tanning, to being a DJ. Judge Paula Abdul says she guessed earlier in the season that it was Vinny.

Guest panelist, comedian Whitney Cummings asked “Did we date?”, which drew chuckle.

Really, it was all about the Tulip again this week dancing to Ariana Grande. She’s just on another completely different level. The judges are convinced it’s Sara Hyland or Nastia Lukin. Someone who is petite, yet a gifted performer.

Social media is strongly tracking the Tulip to be Maddie Ziegler. If this is another Leanne Rimes situation, then there is really no doubt about it.

The judges were proclaiming the Zebra to be most improved. Guesses ranged from boxers like Oscar De La Hoya to Floyd Mayweather.

Exotic Bird, and Cotton Candy also did really well. Could it be the Sloth that is next to go?

The Masked Dancer continues to nail the pace perfectly. These shows don’t have to be two hours long. Keep the action moving, and we’ll be here again next week.

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