Wandavision: Apparently, she wasn’t okay after the last time we saw her


The latest episode of “Wandavision” was pretty terrific. From seeing everyone psychically comeback after the snap, to the return of some beloved characters played by Russell Park and Kat Dennings, it added some much needed progress to this very different Marvel story.

And the ending twist threw us all into a loop. Who is doing this to Wanda?

Apparently herself. And it’s destructive.

It was an interesting choice, albeit pretty faithful to the comics if you follow those.

But many casual viewers or fans of the movies will think to the conclusion of “Endgame”.

This was when she was talking to Clint about losing both Vision and Black Widow after the Stark funeral. She seemed to be counseling him. She was being the strong one.

What happened between the end of Endgame and the beginning of Wandavision?

Many people believe that there could be a villain pulling the strings (we also talked about that HERE).

And we know there is a Dr. Strange tie-in coming. And that is going to be just awesome.

Still, how much damage is Wanda going to do? What if she’s the real villain on Wandavision?

I guess we’ll find out as we move on.

Let me get opinionated for a little bit.

This last episode of Wandavision really pulled me in. Maybe it was that opening sequence. Maybe it was seeing some friendly familiar faces. It was probably both.

But let’s go beyond the normal Marvel praise.

The acting here has been spectacular. Olsen and Bettany are continuing to own this.

And the rest only makes their hard work better.

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