The Bachelor: “Nation” celebrates the elimination of major villain, but they might miss her

Tonight, social media erupted in celebration with the elimination of the biggest villain on Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor”.

It was Victoria, who finally paid the price for her legendary mean girl behavior by not receiving a rose during the ceremony and getting ejected from the show. But in true Victoria fashion, she went out in a blaze of bratiness chewing out Matt and calling him a “jester” during her confessional.

We’ll get to the reax in a moment.

But was it smart to send such a great villain home this early? I’d like to know what the show runners were thinking here. When you send someone like Victoria home, you let a little air out of the season in favor of going for a romantic vibe. I’m not sure this season is there yet.

And Matt also sent home the other “royal” potential fiancee in Miss Puerto Rico, Catalina. Not sure what was going into that decision as well.

But my two favorites are still alive, that being Abigail, and Katie. Abigail had a heartbreaking moment worrying that her children with Matt could be deaf, and the ending teased that Katie could be the “arsonist” with her leadership of the women this season.

Let’s take a look at the reax of Victoria coming home.. including mine…

Another great show tonight. And we’ll all be here again next week!

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