Wandvision: Yes, the end credits are really long

No. You’re not the only one thinking it.

You’ve just gotten done watching a terrific episode of “Wandavision” on Disney Plus and you happen to get a look at the timeline for the show..

And there is still about 7 minutes left.

“Where is the rest of my show?” you’re probably asking.

Me too.

Then there is the chance that there is a post credits scene. Just like every other project in the MCU (minus Endgame). But there is nothing.

And then we take a longer look at the credits here, and you might believe there are some hints. You would be partially right there. Especially before the crawl hits. Just like there are people trying to get a hold of Wanda in Westview, there are people trying to tell us something with those elaborate montages.

All of this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Number 1. The entire show is beautifully scored from beginning to end. The music is a plus and not a minus. And then there was Jimmi Hendrix blaring at the end of that last show which got us fired up and completely rocked. That was just a pleasure to listen to.

And then we look at other Disney Plus shows like “The Mandalorian” which had beautiful concept art, great music, and during that epic season finale, did indeed have a post credits scene.

It’s possible that we’ll get some of that from Wandavision as the season carries on.

Then we have to remember that this is Marvel we’re talking about here, and they’re trying something different. Wandavision remains something very unique, and Elizabeth Olsen, and Paul Bettany are knocking this stuff out of the park.

Let’s see where the credits take us.

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