The Bachelor: Katie really could be the mastermind aka “arsonist” this season

During last night’s superb episode of “The Bachelor”, one part of the teaser for the next episode stuck out to me. It was during the drama, where one of the other girls calls Katie an “arsonist”.

As popular as Katie has become among viewers, it actually made a lot of sense. She might be the most savvy person on Matt James’ season.

Let me explain.

Whenever there is a big fight that is going to result in someone going home, who has been out front of the entire situation? Katie.

She actually brings the drama to Matt and explains, with her filter, what’s going on.

Matt then rolls in and some of the ladies go home. Usually the troublemakers.

But it’s Katie that has positioned herself as the advocate for what’s right and what’s wrong.

This isn’t a character diss. Katie has usually been right. And she has been pointing out the bullies. And Matt nor the Bachelor nation is having it.

Still, she has established herself as this trusted authority figure. It wouldn’t be fair to call her an “arsonist” because she hasn’t started any fires yet, but that could change next week.

For a show like “The Bachelor” this is a pretty interesting dynamic for a potential fiancee. It’s power.

And it works the other way. She hasn’t exactly been a go-to person for romance this year. She had the toy during the premiere, and she has sort of just been the referee ever since. When is that going to change?

A lot of fans want her to be the next Bachelorette, but where is the romance?

Don’t forget she’s actually one of my favorites.

I like Abigail (if she’s not one of your favorites, what’s wrong with you?).

I like Kitt (Yeah. Something is wrong with me).

And I like Katie.

If this is the path she’s using and everything works out. We’ll be happy.

And you know we’ll watch it regardless.

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