The return of NCAA Football is a win for EA Sports in “College Football Capital” Orlando

Hallelujah, we’re getting College Football back in our video games.

That was the big trending news of the day, as Electronic Arts announced they would be reviving their NCAA Football franchise after a layoff that has lasted 7 long years.

And that’s not only a big win for gamers (including myself, who will be purchasing this game at launch) but also for EA in Orlando. As you know, they’ve set up shop in the downtown area, and at this point, any good news for EA is good news for us.

EA is in the Creative Village and that part of town simply cannot and must not fail. We’ve worked too long and too hard on it. Aside from UCF, you could argue that EA is the highest profile tenant in the area. And those are high paying, good jobs, that Orlando needs much more of.

And the fact that it’s a college football announcement that is going to give us a little push, only makes it better.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer called us the College Football capital of the world a few years back. And the case for that title is certainly warranted.

We play three bowl games just down the street from EA, at Camping World Stadium and Exploria stadium. We also host neutral site games, and we’re surrounded on every side with major college football programs.

And now we’re playing a part in bringing college football video games back. Terrific news.

I can’t wait to play as UCF, so I can get disrespected in the national polls, and also be abandoned by our AD and Head Coach. That’s realism.

Cynicism aside. It’s a good day for gamers. And Orlando is a part of that.

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