Morgan Wallen destroyed lifeline given to him by SNL with more bad judgement

Well, Morgan Wallen messed up again. This time really bad.

The 27 year old country music star was caught using a racial slur on tape (story HERE), after a night of drinking in Nashville.

This was after he was caught maskless at a party in Alabama, just days before he was to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The biggest break of his career up to this point, and a rare chance for a country star to jump into the mainstream spotlight on one of it’s biggest stages.

They of course canceled his appearance, but they let him come back. Despite the wishes of some of their fans, they gave this young man a break and forgave him.

And then they went even further. They let him poke fun of himself. It was almost all fixed. Morgan Wallen could resume his career, that up to this morning, had no real ceiling.

Now it’s looking pretty bad. His music is getting pulled from everywhere. Media companies are going to eat their losses instead of taking another chance on Morgan Wallen.

And SNL will likely throw that episode in the trash. Taking a great performance from Jason Bateman and crew with it.

It’s a shame.

There is also another trend here. Wallen was drinking during both of these incidences, maybe he needs help.

But he’s going to have to find that help alone or with his management team.

Society is cancelling him. And it’s one of those head shaking moments where you wonder why this dude could be so talented but so lost on the way he’s living.

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