Wandavision: Here is who they’re probably teasing a major appearance from

God bless, the wonderful Elizabeth Olsen. Not only is she doing her best MCU work on “Wandavision” with her retro performance that swings into her troubled character from the films, but she’s also the show’s best promoter.

This was evident when she teased a major cameo in the show that was leveled to Luke Skywalker showing up in the Mandalorian. It goes without saying that if she’s hyping that correctly, it could be a major turning point for both the show and the MCU.

That being said, let’s turn down the noise on some of that hype over who that could be.

I don’t think we’re getting an X-man. There has been guesses it could be Magneto, Professor X, or even Wolverine. But Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman have all said good bye to those characters, that were also part of the prior FOX side of the Marvel property.

Some believe it could be Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. While those characters were also supposed to be done, the window has cracked open that there could be a return of some kind.

But for my guess, I’m going with the intel that we do have.

The guest star is going to be Benedict Cumberbatch or Dr. Strange.

We know that he’s coming because of his announced “Multiverse of Madness” sequel that will star Olsen and introduce a new chapter of the MCU.

While Strange is hardly a Skywalker like appearance, it’s pretty major. That is who I think we’re getting.

Still love Olsen, even if she did invoke a Skywalker class appearance that might not happen.

I’ll be watching on the edge of my seat anyways.

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