The Bachelor: There is no way to not pick Abigail without making a lot of us angry

You just absolutely have to adore Abigail on this season of The Bachelor.

In a wild start that gave us “Queen” Victoria, OGs vs New Girls, and a bachelor in Matt James, who more of a referee than a future groom, she appears to be most of our favorites.

She’s intelligent. She’s sweet. She’s beautiful. She’s managed to overcome hearing impairment to a point where we might not notice it if it wasn’t brought up.

And most of all, she’s steered clear of the drama. You have to look hard in the group shots to find her when Victoria is getting ready to fight Ms. Puerto Rico. Or when one of the ladies is accusing the other of being an escort.

But we have to face the potential reality that Matt may not choose her. This doesn’t make Matt a bad guy, the heart wants what it wants, but social media isn’t going to see it that way.

And that’s a problem for show runners. There is no way to send Abigail home without making us all angry. I’ll be angry. Twitter will be angry. Influencers with a much bigger audience will be angry.

And if it’s not done correctly, Matt will actually look bad in all of this.

We are an emotional social media force that will go absolutely nuts if this isn’t done right. And it could spoil the season.

Oh, it won’t hurt the show. Look at the ratings. Everyone loves this stuff.

But if Abigail turns out to not be the one, then they had better make sure they “come correct” to us when delivering the news.

And then we’ll fully expect Abigail to be the Bachelorette in the very near future.

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