Wandavision: Monica is mad at this hero for the same reason we all are

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Wandavision

Another excellent episode of Wandavision in the books. And while there will be plenty of other bloggers hitting the main talking points of the show all over the internet, I want to talk about one point in the show that is bound to draw up for curiosity for fans. And one we’ll all be able to identify with.

Let’s talk about Monica Rambeau and her anger when Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel is mentioned during a conversation regarding the Avengers.

She wasn’t happy at the mention of her name, when given all we know, she should have been.

Why is this?

It’s because Captain Marvel or Carol abandoned her. She abandoned all of us. She abandoned earth.

That’s why.

And I say all of us, because many of us were indeed frustrated with Carol during the beginning of Endgame. She wasn’t mourning like everyone else. And dismissed the recently lost battle the others had just been through because she wasn’t there.

Real quick. This isn’t a Brie Larson thing. I like Brie Larson. Go watch Room. She earned that Oscar. And I liked the first Captain Marvel more than most.

But Carol just wasn’t very nice. And she blew everyone off.

Now, we’re getting a sequel and there will be some explaining done. Maybe she was just fighting away from earth the entire time.

But her explanation for ignoring earth had better be pretty good. If it is, then we can forgive her.

Because Monica is feeling exactly the way the majority of the MCU fans are feeling about Captain Marvel right now.

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