Family of Georgia veteran killed by fire ants while at VA facility deserve justice

Imagine laying down and getting eaten by fire ants. Hopeless to do anything, while those tasked with helping you do nothing.

That’s what Air Force veteran, Joel Marrable, went through at a VA long term facility outside of Atlanta before he died. He was 74 (story HERE).

Now his family is suing. As they should.

Reading these stories should make us angry. Especially as we scroll through the social media feeds of VA facilities that say they’re doing the right thing and frown on transparency with the public.

While COVID challenges are to be expected as the world tries to make it through this crisis, VA facilities in places like Illinois and Arkansas have suffered heavy losses because they were late reacting to the challenges that were presented to them.

But this was just pure carelessness.

Who was watching Mr. Marrable? Were there no nurses that would check up on him? What are they doing to protect patients at the new facility?

And who is getting fired? Yes. This matters.

Because if you’re not familiar with politics at the Department Of Veterans Affairs, their administrators are well protected. Even with cases such as this. They’re still collecting a paycheck. Even while they allow patients to die.

It’s unfortunate that there seems to be stories like this that come from the VA every week. It’s an achievement of carelessness that is found in few other areas of government.

You may think I’m being harsh. But I ask you to consider this.

Imagine a person you love spending their final days this way because they couldn’t be protected by some fire ants.

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