Chorus of Florida lawmakers calling on VA for transparency on vaccine deployment is now bipartisan

A week after South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called on the VA to be more transparent with requirements to receive the COVID 19 vaccine (story HERE), another member of congress closer to home is also speaking up.

This time it’s Daytona Beach Congressman Michael Waltz. This was after yet another case where a veteran was turned away from a Department Of Veterans Affairs Medical Facility to receive the vaccine that could save his life.

The report from FOX 35 below..

While it really shouldn’t be a political issue, what matters is that now we’re hearing voices from both sides of the aisle that are saying there needs to be changes. The way things are going now just aren’t fair.

If you’re new to the subject, the VA has implemented restrictions regarding income which would prohibit veterans from getting the shot. Then to make matters worse, they’re not notifying veterans of these restrictions, which means we’ve got vets, north of 65 years old making long trips and waiting hours for a shot they’ll never get.

It’s wrong and it has to stop.

Don’t expect the VA to clean up their game though. Last year they kicked out Florida members of congress from their facilities, eliminating an office where their constituents could visit if they felt they weren’t being treated fairly.

And the Florida Department Of Veterans Affairs still doesn’t have an Executive Director. The position has been vacant for months.

It’s good to see members of Congress getting involved. Call your member of the House of Representatives and demand more transparency of the vaccination process from the VA.

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