Ultimate I4 goof at busy 434 intersection has to be fixed

So many times over the years of Ultimate I4 construction that our community has had to endure, I wonder if there are people working on the project that are actually from Orlando. And if they really had an understanding of how Orlando traffic worked before they started.

After this latest goof and so many beforehand, I’m guessing no.

What I’m talking about is the decision to make both entrances at the busy 434 and I4 intersection coming from Longwood, a right turn. When they did this, they took a bad traffic situation and made it worse. Before Ultimate I4, the traffic would back up a fair distance well into some of the entrances of some of the residential areas. Now it’s well past that.

And residents are noticing (story HERE).

Before, the configuration had those going east making an easy right turn that would swing them into the rest of Seminole County and into Volusia over the St. Johns. Now, we’ve got drivers going west into Orange and Osceola counties taking up the same lanes. What a mess.

While the intentions may have been good, after all, that left handed turn to go west was also a time spender, this is worse.

And the traffic problem in Longwood around I4 goes both ways. So, not only is the new problems backing up drivers, you’ve still got the other side that stretches them back a good distance basically into Altamonte Springs.

Florida Department Of Transportation has nothing to say. Ultimate I4 was out of hand years ago.

So, now we have to hope that they can some how unfix a problem that was only made worse by this terribly embattled project.

And like every other aspect of Ultimate I4, residents will suffer.

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