Using LYNX to get seniors vaccinated is actually a good idea for the tired service

As a regular critic of both City Of Orlando and Orange County government, it’s important to point out when they do something right.

And it looks like they’ve actually found an innovative way to use LYNX for something really positive. That would be helping seniors 65 and older to get to their vaccination appointments at the Orange County Convention Center.

Now, it’s important to know why I”m so brutal on LYNX.

For the 26 years I’ve had to deal with their bus service, they’ve been bad. Their routes make no sense. They’ve had leadership problems. And they don’t hit their stops on time.

My teenaged self still remembers having to huff it from Lockhart to Apopka or Altamonte Springs because of LYNX.

But they’re doing good stuff here. And that is a spark of creativity that we need more of.

Before this pandemic started, I can remember some Orange County leaders trying to get more money for this “service” but they offered no details. Only more vehicles for LYNX to badly mismanage. But if they can utilize ideas like this one, and do a proper job of innovating every possible way that LYNX can help the community, then maybe there is a conversation to be had. That doesn’t involve a tax increase.

But only then.

And let’s not get carried away. Why only the convention center? What kind of vehicle can they expect? We’re lacking details.

However, if we’re serious about fair play, it’s the first good idea I’ve heard regarding LYNX in a long time, and it particularly clutch for this moment.

The 1995 me is ecstatic.

INFO: Residents who are 65 and older, who have obtained an appointment for a COVID-19 shot and do not have a way to transport themselves to the Convention Center site can call Orange County customer service by dialing 3-1-1 to find out how to qualify for a ride.

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