Wandvision: Let’s talk about that creepy Yo Magic commercial and those long credits

*Warning: The following contains spoilers for this week’s Wandavision episode*


Another week. Another terrific Wandavision episode. So much going on.

There are going to be dozens of other general recap articles out there. Let’s talk about that creepy 90s yogurt commercial. One of the darkest moments of the series for me.

Yo Magic features a boy on a deserted island starving when this totally tubular shark comes out of the water and offers the boy some yogurt. The commercial seems to be going the obvious route with the boy preparing to pop the lid off and do cartwheels or some wild dance. Instead, the boy can’t open the lid and he dies. Decaying into a skeleton.

What was that all about?

People have their theories. Some say it’s some unspecified force feeding off of the energy of the town while they waste away. Others say it’s Wanda herself causing the damage and that the Westview residents are the victims. A lot of room for interpretation here. Sadly, given how much is going on with the show, we may never find out.

We also have to discuss once again how long the credits have been. We’ve brought this up before (post HERE) but the complaints are getting louder. I’m not sure if Disney Plus will have to give us two timelines, but the audience might start to feel shortchanged.

And we’d be spoiled because this stuff has been great. The 90s sentiment was great with “The Malcolm In The Middle” aesthetic. Bryan Cranston and Frankie Muniz would be proud.

See you next week. This season is flying by!

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