Wandavision: Here’s why it’s unlikely we’re getting Reed Richards

*There are spoilers regarding the latest episode of Wandavision below*

Reed Richards. Mr. Fantastic. The smartest man in comics and possibly pop culture. The man with the plan.

And if you internet show writers are right, the big teased surprise in Wandavision that would take the first MCU Disney Plus show to the next level, and introduce a new potentially massive franchise.

But I don’t think he’s going to be it guys.

Listen, we heard the hint that Monica Rambeau gave us about some big brain that is going to be able to take apart all of this craziness being caused, but the pieces of the puzzle that would lead this person to be Reed Richards don’t fit.

There hasn’t been any casting news: This is press conference level stuff. We’ve heard John Krasinski but nothing has been verified. And he’s still go Jack Ryan.

The story doesn’t add up: Reed Richards, as we know him, would not have sat out the Infinity Gauntlet crisis. It would create another Captain Marvel “Where the were you?” plot hole.

Wandavision has thrived off of familiarity: Characters played by Russell Park and Kat Dennings have been the best part. Why stray from that formula? It’s likely someone we already know.

And respectfully, what is Reed Richards going to do against Wanda?: This is a Dr. Strange problem. And the movie is coming. Richards might understand the science behind it but this is magic.

To be honest, I hope I’m wrong.

This is because we haven’t gotten a good Fantastic Four franchise yet. The 2000s films were cute but not good. The 2016 effort was an insult. When you give us a good FF product, I’ll be there. And I believe Disney can do that.

But it won’t be in Wandavision.

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