The Bachelor: After a tough week, they just made things worse, and fans exploded

After what has been an impossible week for one of the biggest shows on TV, it was finally time for another episode of The Bachelor, and Matt James’ season continues as it wades past a pair of controversies involving race (story HERE).

Then they decided to throw even more fuel on the fire.

Matt sent home fan favorite (and my first choice), Abigail, home after what was a surprisingly cold dismissal. She never got a one on one date, and Matt essentially said he forgot about her.

And now, as we get a questionable front-runner in Rachel with a problematic social media history, and host Chris Harrison bogged down in controversy. It seems like we have very little left to like on a season that had some much promise just a week ago.

Anyhow the fans were upset. And they had the right to be. This has become a perfect storm of bad decisions….

Let’s take a look at some of the reax to sending Abigail home…

One person who is still here is Rachel. Who’s “old south” posts kicked off this entire controversy. And now she’s advancing to hometowns..

And for the record, my first episode three picks have officially been eliminated with Kit excusing herself. But it’s further than any of my previous three picks have gone as a unit. This far into the year.

And Abigail should be the next Bachelorette. Believe that.

Stay with FTR, I’ll be talking more about the fans reactions to tonight’s episode.

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