Review: Only Fans Selling Sexy, educates but is also one sided

You may have heard of Only Fans. You may have not.

The good news is that after watching the documentary Only Fans: Selling Sexy, you’ll be informed with everything you need to know about the content generation service that deals with large adult entertainment following.

And while the ABC News documentary is informative, it’s missing the spark or conflict that can really set a good doc apart from pack and that is opposition.

The hour long special takes us into the lives of a group of Only Fans content generators who have found success on the platform. They do everything from twerking to nudity and beyond. And they make an excellent living at it too. Far more than a regular 9 to 5 and in fact, a few of the subjects left a regular job to do Only Fans.

We get a lot of interesting perspectives. Like what these content generators have to go through and what decisions they have to make to enjoy this kind of living. We see everything from surgery to meetings with strangers, and of course the internet troll culture that everyone has to go through these days.

Selling Sexy is missing a proper antagonist though. No one from the company spoke, and that is understood, but they decide to skip over why some might believe this to be wrong altogether. And that sells this well produced documentary short. The Bella Thorne celebrity invasion is interesting but not enough. Where is the struggle here?

Overall, at a fast moving hour, I would still recommend Selling Sexy. You’ll learn what the big deal is about and get insight into what that kind of life is really like. Even if it’s a one sided affair.

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