A lot for Orlando gamers to like after latest Nintendo Direct stream

Well? That was fun. Good times.

Nintendo has always been welcomed here in Central Florida, and it’s a fertile ground for growth when it comes to the Nintendo Switch. And after tonight’s Nintendo Direct live streaming event, we have even more cause for optimism moving into 2021.

There were so many highlights to pick from..I’m just going to choose a few that stuck out to me..

Mario Golf: Yeah, I’m going dorky to kick things off but if you’ve played Mario Golf in the past, you know that this is a fun time, and the new game modes promise to keep that tradition going. And since golf has kind of faded on the other platforms, there might be more of a demand for this than you think.

Star Wars Hunters: A Battle Royale Star Wars game? Sign me up. Unfortunately, they gave us so little to go on, that we really have to check our excitement here. And the Zynga branding certainly didn’t help. But if they can do a fraction of what we believe can be done with this concept, then we could have a winner here.

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection: The original “rage quit” of the universe is back. Back in the day, nobody ticked off gamers like Ninja Gaiden, but as the franchise evolved, it got better.

Listen, we also had stuff some Smash Bros stuff, some Zelda tweaks, and a few other neat things that there just isn’t time for here.

But to my Nintendo loyals here in the Sunshine State, the future is bright. Very bright.

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