“Cruella” trailer is a little over the top but still promising

When the news came down that Emma Stone would be starring in “Cruella”, the latest reboot/reimagining/revisioning of the Disney 101 Dalmatians villain, I was hopeful.

Then the poster came out yesterday, and I was a little less hopeful.

And now that the trailer is out for the film due out this May, and I’m back on level ground.

Here we get what is basically an origin story for Cruella, we get some gorgeous shots, and Oscar winner, Stone, seems more than up to the task in getting this done right.

You can view the trailer below. I’ll be there for it, but I’ll also be looking forward to a second trailer that will emphasize the mythology mores and allows Stone to fill in the less over the top aspects of the character Glenn Close crushed in the 90s.

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