Call Of Duty Warzone: Frank’s Riot Shield loadout

Guys, I love the Call Of Duty Riot Shield. I’ve been using it for over a decade (story HERE). It’s one of my favorite video game tools. Ever. I try to blog about the thing whenever I can and there is simply no better feeling in gaming for me than when you see the bullets bounce off that thing, and then you swiftly take out your opponent.

What do I use for my load out? Great question. That’s probably why you’re here. Let’s get started.

Slot 1 Perk: You have flexibility here. I go with Double Time because I’m going to rush players any chance I get. There are others who like EOD or Kill Chain which are fine too.

Slot 2 Perk: I’ll run with Overkill, simply because I want my custom shotty (more on that later) for close quarters combat. Sometimes, if I’m feeling a little melee religious, I’ll go Hardline and cash out for plates and Killstreaks.

Slot 3
: Give me Shrapnel. I can understand Amped or Battle Hardened but my play style focuses on trying to stay a step ahead on whats happening.


Riot Shield: Because of course.

Secondary (If Overkill): I’m still a believer in the Origin 12 Yeah, I know it got nerfed, but it’s rate of fire is still impressive. Get some Dragon Breath on that thing, then I’m not going down without making noise. If shottys aren’t your thing, roll with a Mac 10.

Secondary (No Overkill): I’ll usually run an RPG-7 and try to load up on the ammo. If not, I’ll find a decent shotty off of a corpse and move down the final stretch with that.

Finally, I’m going with Thermites, because they stick and can really mess up someone’s day, and of course the Stun because it will give you the biggest jump on your opponents.

Have fun guys! I’m a true believer in this plain but remarkable looking piece of equipment. It’s truly a unique gaming experience.

Riot Shields or we riot!

See you in Promenade West!

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