Wandavision: Latest twist will highlight one of the best parts of the show

*Warning: The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Wandavision*

Guys, the best part of Wandavision unlike a lot of other superhero properties is indeed the acting. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany knock it out of the park every week.

And great goodness, now they’re taking Kathryn Hahn to the next level.

Hahn, who has been playing the goofy neighbor, is Agatha Harkness and is the big bad (up to this point) of Wandavision. That “Agatha All Along” reveal was just spectacular (she killed Sparky).

Really, I felt that she was kind of fighting below her class with this casting. But now, Wandavision showrunners are prepared to give her the ball.

Now, this bad guy reveal could disappoint some people. But we don’t know that she’s the “end boss” here. You still could have a Mephisto or a Nightmare standing behind her.

But this is complete cause for celebration for me.

Some other notables:

Does Agatha introducing this alternate Quicksilver mean that this is a step back for the multiverse? Something bigger at work here could keep in in play, but as far as these big and broad plans being thrown out by fans, this doesn’t line up with it.

We didn’t get Reed Richards. Face it. In the back of your mind you knew you weren’t.

And I’m telling you guys again, we’re probably getting Dr. Strange. Having Agatha out here is definitely his turf now.

Kathryn Hahn and Benedict Cumberbatch trading lines? I’ll take that all day.

Finally, we had that post credit scene. We’ve been trying to break down why they’re making us sit through all of these credits and it appears this could be our reward. The occasional post credits scene. Video on the credits below…

It’s quite possible The Falcon and Winter Soldier will be the same way.

Great show. Let’s do it again next week!

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