“Vaccine Grannies” takes embarrassing Orlando news championship from brawling Easter Bunny

“Florida Man” stories are pretty common. Almost daily, someone from the Sunshine State does something stupid and it makes national headlines.

But in the span of an annual news cycle, Orlando keeps it’s nose pretty clean. Sometimes we’ll get lumped in with some of the surrounding counties but I’m talking about the greater tri-county territory.

And yesterday a pair of individuals embarrassed our community by dressing up as a pair of grannies to try and steal a second dose of the COVID 19 vaccine. They weren’t arrested but instead given a stern warning of a potential trespassing violation.

If your first instinct is to laugh, that’s normal. It’s absolute foolishness. But the truth is that those two successfully stole the vaccine from our parents or grandparents. They should be ashamed.

And it makes the community look bad.

They’re also my two ridiculous news championship holders, ending the reign of the downtown brawling Easter Bunny.

That was another story that everyone thought was funny but in retrospect made the entire community look bad. And that individual actually kept receipts and bragged about it when he was stopped by the police some time later.

Orlando shouldn’t be a town where we’ve got people dressing up as seniors to steal a vaccine. We shouldn’t be a town where the Easter Bunny can be seen getting into a fight with a drunk homeless man off of Orange and Pine. We have to be better.

Anyhow. We have to suppose that in the crazy news lottery, the probability of something like this happening eventually becomes 100%.

And that’s quite a foolish run by the Easter Bunny. Two years is a long time.

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