Chicago Bears fans aren’t prepared to once again mortgage future on a QB risk

As a Chicago Bears fan, it was a funny feeling watching Carson Wentz get traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Indianpolis Colts.

On one hand, we were relieved that the Chicago Bears didn’t overpay for another uncertainty at quarterback.

And at the same time, we’re still left feeling strangely empty that we still don’t have one. Such is life as a Bears fan.

Really, it’s a sign of the team’s bad decisions when stuck at such an impasse.

Especially when we’re screaming “We want Deshaun Watson”.

And our GM and Head Coach says “It sounds like they’re saying Carson Wentz”.

The latest rumor is Ben Roethlisberger. But we’re not sure how much tread is left on those tires. He’s thrown a lot of passes and picking him up would mean that the Bears must win in the next two seasons.

And how much do we really want to pay this guy?

The scary thing is that the Bears organization will open the vault and shovel money at whatever sounds good.

We didn’t ask for Nick Foles, but we still got him. And then we flip-flopped with Mitchell Trubisky.

Now there are voices that say this regime should be forced to make Mitchell Trubisky work. If he fails. They fail. We all fail. Football justice for this young man.

Such is the price for one of the most lampooned draft picks of the modern era.

If we’re being honest I’m also compelled to agree with them, if it didn’t mean that Khalil Mack and this strong defense would only get a year older.

It’s a mess. And it’s a mistake they have to fix. Just don’t drown us in another five year bad deal with a leadership team that may only stick around for another season

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