Call Of Duty Warzone Builds: The James Bond Build

James Bond. 007. The world’s most famous super spy. And don’t lie, an absolutely fun character to play.

This is why I had to come up with a Call Of Duty Warzone build for this legend. While it may not seem that this game lends itself to Bond, there are enough similarities to run a pretty faithful character.

The Playstyle: Not going to lie to you guys. This is not an easy playstyle and you’re going to want to do this strictly for RPG reasons. You’ll operate primarily through stealth until the final circle. You’re not going to be built to take down a quad, but you’ll still have fun in trying:

Perk 1 Cold Blooded: Let’s not make this tougher than it really is. Stealth is your friend in every aspect of this build.

Perk 2 Ghost: See above. Not be short, but watch the movies. So much of what Bond does is without being detected. A true Bond build also means having to give up the overkill. He doesn’t do really big weapons too often.

Perk 3 Amped: Our boy Bond has no problem shamelessly switching between weapons and we’ll make that evident here.

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A Golden Gun of course: You know we had to give him a golden gun. This means you’ll have to gold camo a one shot pistol. Go with the Desert Eagle. And for goodness sake, get good with it. That means headshots or this is going to be a short game.

The SMG of your choice: The good news with James Bond is that even he knows his Walter PPK wont’ always get it done. For your primary (played as a secondary) You can go with an SMG you like. I notice he uses the MP5 a lot, but you could also run a Mack 10 or Aug.

And finally, we’re going to go with a proximity to lure those bad guys into a trap, and a smoke grenade for those sneaky escapes.

This build is for the advance player. Get good with your golden gun and SMG, but also pick your battles.

And finally, be sure to play this build while drinking a vodka martini. Shaken. Not stirred.

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