WWE Elimination Chamber: Yay Edge! Booo the way Asuka is being treated!

Elimination Chamber 2021 is in the books and WWE fans are having mixed feelings about what they watched.

Let’s do some “Boos! and “Yays!”

Yay! It looks like we’re getting Edge vs. Roman Reigns!: It looked liked fans were happy one of our Wrestlemania main events would appear to be Roman Reigns against Edge, after Edge came out and speared Roman, after Roman defeated Daniel Bryan, after Daniel Bryan won his elimination chamber match. Did you get all that? Good stuff.

Boo! Asuka deserves better!: Instead of capitalizing on the chance for a major surprise with the RAW Women’s Championship, WWE basically said “Nah. We good” and kept Asuka out of competition tonight. Asuka is a fan favorite but she just keeps getting handed junk. If WWE doesn’t know what to do with her then maybe WWE needs to find people that do.

Yay! Cesaro excellence during his match!: Cesaro has been so good for so long. And fans just really love watching this guy wrestle. Another great demonstration by this freak of athleticism. He’s deserved a push for so long but let’s hope WWE wakes up and lets him go nuclear here soon.

Boo! Sasha and Bianca lose their chance at tag team gold!: Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair are such a fun team to watch, but Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler found a way to win. Some believe we may get Sasha vs. Bianca at Wrestlemania which wouldn’t be a bad thing, considering Sasha doesn’t have bad matches and Bianca is one of the best athletes in the company. We just wish they would have taken a different route here.

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