Call Of Duty Warzone Builds: The Death Architect (Trap Maker)

Have you ever played a game of Warzone, and set up a house or a room against a breach so well that you’re convinced there isn’t a team on the map that’s going to get in without a death or two?

Then the latest build in this series is bound to be for you. I’m talking about the Death Architect. Essentially, a trap maker.

The Playstyle: There is a lot of waiting here. You’re going to get your loadout and try to figure out where the game is going to end. You’re then going to pick a location and ensure that no one is getting in without getting killed.

This is a thinking player’s build. We’re talking rigged explosives, weapons pointed at entryways, and even escape routes for a death room scenarios.

An example could be a cluster bomb or airstrike waiting for a team at your location, a claymore at the door, another at the stairway, with an RPG waiting for the first player to breach, followed by a stun, and then another couple of RPGs or a couple 100 of LMG rounds before you bolt. If done right, you can wipe an entire quad, easy. And for the final stretch, you’ll have a whole dead team’s weapons to choose from.


Slot 1 EOD: There is a great chance after you kill two of their guys they might try to smoke you out. This should make that harder.

Slot 2 Ghost: To avoid being detected and having to use slot 1.

Slot 3 Shrapnel: You’ll want as many explosives as possible. Another piece, another kill.


You’ve got some flexibility, but make sure you can melt 2 or 3 players rushing a door. I like the M60 for a primary because of the high capacity, but you could use a lot of different things here.

For a secondary, I like the RPG 7. You can splash into the entire next room if done right. More kills.

For lethals, pick the Proximity Mines or Claymores. There are dozens of videos over which is better. I’ll let you decide.

For non lethals, I like the Flash Grenades. They don’t need to see nothing.

This is a fun build. And when your trap works as designed, and you’re wiping teams, your own team members will be glad they’ve got you.

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