The Bachelor: Fans joked on social media when Rachel had her skydiving accident

Everything about this season of The Bachelor has been brutal over the past month. And that did not change this evening.

Social media held nothing back and celebrated when show front runner, Rachel Kirkconnell, suffered a hard landing while sky diving during her hometown date with Matt Jones. Kirkconnell has been criticized for her “old south” social media posts taken before going on this season with the show’s first black bachelor.

Here are some of the posts on twitter.

Race has taken over the entire of the scope of the program following Kirkconnell’s posts and the poor handling of questions over the controversy by Bachelor host, Chris Harrison. Harrison will be stepping away from the show and will not be present for the “After The Final Rose” special.

The Bachelor’s ratings have not suffered due to the challenges. They also sent home three fan favorites over the last two weeks and that has only infuriated fans further.

Every night that the show is broadcasted it trends on top of social media. That was no different tonight where the Rachel accident lead the conversation for the second half of the first hour.

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