The Bachelor: Here is how to (possibly) salvage the end of the season

How bad have things gotten on this season of The Bachelor?

When the frontrunner for Matt James’ heart, Rachel Kirkconnell, plowed face first during her sky diving date, social media started making jokes (story HERE).

All of this was because of posts she made depicting the “old south” that were found offensive, and the subsequent poor handling of the matter by show host, Chris Harrison, who will be stepping away from the position for a time.

And we’ve gone from what was a historic show with the first season featuring a black bachelor, with memorable villains like Victoria and MJ, to a conclusion where everything is criticized and there is no apparent solution.

Then there is the chatter that Rachel might indeed win it all, which would have people losing their minds.

So. How do show runners fix this? They’ve been quiet and just riding the wave of high ratings and social media buzz up to this point. They’ve already won this year regardless.

Here is what they could do. And we’ve cut this in to three scenarios:

If Rachel wins: Matt and Rachel would need to go on some high profile medium and explain everything. Rachel would have to apologize again. Matt would have to be compassionate of that apology, And the pair would have to declare this a learning experience for everyone involved.

If someone else wins: Then the responsibility really shifts towards Matt. He says he’s been finding out about this in real time. He would need to explain that further. And while everyone knows these relationships are short lived, they would have to demonstrate that the fight was worth the outcome.

Matt stays alone: Really, this would be the best play. The teaser from last night indicates it’s a possibility. I’ve said this is a lost season. Matt would be better off going on a media tour and explaining his side of the story and become an ambassador to a point.

Bonus- Pick an absolute fan favorite for the next Bachelorette: We haven’t stopped watching despite this drama. While the Bachelor nation has soured on this season, a new Bachelorette with a great following could go a long way to fix things.

And goodness. Run an apology of some sort.

Make it so ABC. Do it.

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