The Masked Singer: Wildcard will be exciting but might shortchange celebrities appearances

The Masked Singer, and most recently The Masked Dancer have been enjoyable, and certified hits for FOX. And why not? The show is fast moving, fun, and guessing the identities of the celebrities is a fun challenge (sometimes).

And goodness, who could forget that Sarah Palin reveal.

Now The Masked Singer is introducing a wild card celebrity. This is a mystery masked celebrity who will come in and challenge one of the masks from group A or B to steal their pass into the next round.

Sounds like fun. But it does seem like it will increase the churn of celebrities. Doesn’t it?

It almost seems as if they could just save these wildcard celebrities for a complete group of their own. Instead, we’re going to have wildcard celebrities pop in, and if they’re defeated go home.

This means a celebrity’s stay on the show could be as short as 15 minutes. Show up. Get beat by the group mask. Get unmasked. And go home. Am I right?

I’m not going to beat up this concept because I like the show. I’m going to be missing The Masked Dancer tomorrow on what are pretty barren Wednesday nights these days.

The truth is that we’re going to have to see how the showrunners handle this exciting new possbility.

And the most important takeaway from this post should be that they’re constantly thinking of things to keep the show fresh. And that’s important.

The next season looks pretty cool too. And my early favorite is going to have to be the Grandpa mask. And he’d better go far. I haven’t gotten over the loss of Baby Alien yet.

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