Only $2 mil for diversifying economy is “go away” money from Orange County

Yesterday, Orange County announced they were investing almost $2 million dollars for economic diversification. This after the region was caught sleeping when the pandemic hit and an economy over reliant on tourism suffered.

Is $2 million a lot of money? For you and I it may be. But for Orange County, an agency that spent that much for one ad campaign for it’s tourism agency, it’s simply not enough.

This is money for politicians to pretend their working to fix the problem while committing the same mistakes all over again.

It’s “go away” money.

How much money would I have liked? $5 million. It’s still only a fraction of what the county will spend for tourism services that do nothing, but it would have at least demonstrated that they’re serious about it.

In fairness, I ‘m going to mention that I do like how they’ve spread out the money among different priorities for diversification. Veteran owned businesses, tech businesses, black businesses, everyone has some support here.

But it’s not serious support. Not when one CEO of the local tourism agency gets more in one year then a whole sector of people will see in this deal.

I wish this would have been a serious gesture. I remember asking during multiple community forums last year “what are we doing to avoid this happening again?”

The response I got was that there wasn’t enough time to diversify and right the ship during the pandemic.

Now we have the time and we’re still not serious.

How many times do we have to make the same mistakes and get hurt, before our local leaders do something?

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