Saturday Night Live: Nick Jonas and some sharp jokes bring home a win

Hey, good show Nick Jonas.

The Jonas brother and judge on The Voice did an admirable job on Saturday Night Live pulling double duty, and providing one of the more enjoyable shows of the year (Dan Levy still has the top outing though).

Our cold opening was pretty good with a spoof of the governors on a game show determining who was eligible to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. While Kate McKinnon’s Dr. Fauci sounds like her Rudy Giuliani, Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz hasn’t gotten old quite yet.

Nick’s monologue was good with his brother crashing it. The show was off to a good start.

The exercise mirror sketch was funny. McKinnon’s Shannon Delgado trapped with the Azuzil actually got audible laughter from me. Just enjoyable silliness. Well done.

We also got a fun murder show musical number by the ladies. These have been funny in previous years and despite the new additions, they’re still good. That means the writers are doing something right. The “Mouserella” skit was goofy but I wasn’t bored.

Jonas did well with the music, SNL knows how to book these double duty guests pretty well.

And Ego Nwodim and her Dionne Warwick skit made me laugh again. Please give us a Wendy Williams drop in!

Then we had Weekend Update. It was bad. Again. Kenan Thompson and his Levar Ball portion was enjoyable but Michael Che and Colin Jost were unfunny again. They’re strictly on a cue card auto pilot mode of junk. Just no good. At least Jost had the Tom and Jerry Movie this weekend.

After several weeks of consecutive shows, SNL now breaks until late March when we’ll get Maya Rudolph and Jack Harlow.

Good work Mr. Jonas.

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