Game Review: AEW Double Or Nothing Casino game is not enough of the wrestling stars we enjoy

Mobile casino games are always a tricky sell, but as an AEW fan I was excited to give their new mobile offering, Double Or Nothing a try. AEW is the best performing brand right now and I consume all of their content, whether it’s on TNT or Youtube.

But the first offering from AEW games is underwhelming.

After the intro screen and the occasional logo on a table here and there, it’s is very difficult to tell that you’re playing an AEW Game. Where are my wrestling stars? Where is Chris Jericho? Jon Moxley?

And where the heck are my people from Dark Order?

It’s all missing.

We play NBA games because we want to see LeBron James and Steph Curry. We play Marvel games because we want Spiderman and Wolverine. And we play Star Wars because we want lightsabers and X-Wings.

I wanted to like this AEW game because I wanted wrestlers in my casino wrestling game.

If you’re fine with just another casino game, than this might still do the trick for you. It’s animations are good, the handling is nice, it’s a very competent casino game.

But it’s not an AEW Casino game. Can’t be.

Luckily for us, this was just the chips and salsa, ahead of the burritos and enchiladas we have ahead of us. We’ve still got the AEW general manager game, and the console game from the creators of No Mercy.

And goodness, that console game had better rock or it will be a blown opportunity by this exciting young promotion.

At least the wrestling itself is still good.

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