The Bachelor: “Women Tell All” was a mild distraction from real world drama

The Bachelor aired their “Women Tell All” episode tonight, that under any other circumstances would have been one of the highlights of the entire season. But with all of the real life drama taking place around the show, it was just a distraction with all of the questions we still have in front of us ahead of the finale.

We were given a small blurb at the beginning of the program notifying us that the episode had been taped on February 4th. This was shortly before the drama unfolded behind show front runner Rachel Kirkconnell and her social media posts depicting the “old south” that were uncovered while she was dating the show’s first black bachelor. Chris Harrison then fumbled an interview on the subject shortly after, and announced he will be stepping away from the program.

Which is probably why the bloopers didn’t hit the same way they did before. It was just a detour ahead of the uncertain ending of what many believe is a lost season.

It was still good to see everyone though. We saw sweet Abigail. Thoughtful Katie. Kit wearing pink. And of course the unbelievable Queen Victoria. Literally.

But the show was also careful not to tip it’s hand over what’s ahead.

When Matt James came out he had the full James Harden beard. Many saw that as a sign that he might be single.

I’ve said before that the best way to salvage the show is for Matt to remain alone (story HERE). Emmanuel Acho will be stepping in for Chris Harrison temporarily, that will help some with everything that was going on. Fans were still unforgiving of his presence despite the notice.

It was a Women Tell All unlike any other. Despite the mess, I’ll still be here for the finale. And given the ratings, so will you.

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