FT. Campbell soldiers helping out in Orlando make me proud of our Army

Watching these Army soldiers deployed here from FT. Campbell Kentucky to help out with vaccination efforts in Orlando, just makes me happy and proud.

A long time ago, I used to be one of those soldiers and I miss doing what they’re doing, and that’s just helping people. The fact that they’re helping my neighbors just makes me even more proud.

And another great part is that they appear to be doing quite an effective job. They’re spreading a message to the community that if you’re eligible, come and get the vaccine. That should give all of us in Central Florida hope.

We must also be grateful for our national guard soldiers here at home. These men and women have also deployed to help out with vaccination efforts, keeping the peace during the protests last summer, and most recently to do the same at the inauguration. They’re doing so many awesome things.

And many of them are away from their families when they do it. That’s a sacrifice.

If you see them out and about, be sure to give them a socially distanced thank you. It will mean a lot to them to hear you say.

And years from now, when they’re out of the service, the work they did here will also mean a lot to them. I know it did for me. Even after all of this time.


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